Business Plan: Formula For Success

I entered Charles Barkley's "Chuck's Bucks" contest, but was not chosen, the contest was a bunch of bullshit anyways. The three finalists' essays were NOT as good as mine based on the criteria of: (i) 25% detail included in and feasibility of Submission; (ii) 25% energy and enthusiasm expressed in the Submission; (iii) 25% creativity of the Submission; and (iv) 25% originality of the Submission (the “Judging Criteria”). I believe I scored a perfect 100%, but was denied, because I am a woman. There was not a single woman finalist, and my business plan was designed to help create jobs.

A computer school, an online lawn mowing & scheduling service, and a receipt tracking service is original, but it's not feasible, when online banking already exists, and the entire state of Alabama cannot afford to keep that guy's business running. I wholeheartedly believe he (Randall Martin, Jr.) needs the money, and is deserving of it, but you are a fucking retard Charles Barkley. You gave away $25,000 to ??? I would have even given you back the $25,000 in a few years. You rigged the contest.

My entry will always read below:

I am a woman AND an entrepreneur, hear me ROAR... twice. The two character traits that are a necessity for an entrepreneur to be successful: Determination and Passion. I feel like I am blessed to have not one, but both of these traits and the drive to achieve greatness beyond anything the mind can conceive. I plan to use the $25k to fund the start up of a fence company in Texas. I will some money to purchase a truck, hydraulic-auger, trailer, tools, and to train the people that I need to make my passion and determination come to life.

I ran one of North Carolina's most successful fence companies, before I split it into two companies and gave it to three former employees, partly, due to my plans to relocate to Texas. The fence business originally was started in Raleigh, I was able to expand the territory more than 150 miles west, to Charlotte within a few years. The business did almost $500k in sales in its' peak year. I have a proven track record of accomplishments. I have a B.A. degree in education, and a North Carolina REALTOR license, which I am hoping to possibly transfer with me to Dallas. Who would have thought that a woman could run a successful construction company? I will blow any obstacles out of the water with those two very important traits I told you about.

One of the keys to my success, was my ability to structure my business like no other fence company. It didn’t and still doesn’t do on-site estimates. The ability to give customers prices based strictly off of linear foot data, was critical to being able to manage the operation costs and at today’s gas prices, has become even more invaluable to the success of the companies. Clients give the amount of feet they need, and the style of fence they are interested in and I can give them an exact price to complete their job. Another key to success, was the ability to eliminate the advertising costs of telephone book advertising. The cost of print advertising has become more of a detriment to many businesses than it has become an asset. Through effective Internet advertising, I saved somewhere around $15k each year. By having an in depth website, people revisit my site time and time again to gain useful knowledge. I want my them to gain my trust before hiring my company, and them to see what I stand for.

Passion and determination alone are not enough to succeed; you need a solid support system, and employees that care. I found that employees, who care, will save thousands of dollars in operating costs annually. In this economy it’s crucial to the future of our country to start more small businesses and create more jobs for hardworking Americans. I prefer someone who has little or no experience in fence building or construction. I want to teach someone a skill that they don’t already have. If you treat your employees with respect, reward them for working hard, show them they are important to the business, they will in turn show those traits back. It also reflects well to customers if they see that employees are happy with their employer and that they are treated right.

The best words to describe me are meticulous, ambitious, driven. I realize that acronym spells MAD, but I’m hardly that. I wake up each morning wanting to make the world a better place even if what I accomplish may be seemingly insignificant to most people. If I can change or help just one person feel self worth and enjoy their job, or provide a fence to a first time homeowner who thought they couldn’t afford one, and keep their pets and kids safe, that puts a smile on my face. I don’t think it gets much better than that! Everyone has dreams, I want to help make some come true. I DON'T want to win based on pity; I want to win based on my CREATIVITY and ENERGETIC personality. Charlie Sheen may be #WINNING but I am #UNIQUE. YAY MAVERICKS, only because I might be moving to #DALLAS. :=)


So, he is going to blow the $25k on advertising and office space? The money couldn't be pissed away faster. I don't even want him to fail, but his business plan is a failure without severe modifications to his concept and idea. I mean isn't that what Geek Squad was started for? His idea was not original, feasible, or creative. Epic fail. I respect his passion for helping others and technology, but live and learn.



I live in the Birmingham Metro area (Leeds, AL), and have an abundance of people wanting me to show them how to work a computer, smartphone, iPad, or other gadget. However, I cannot afford to do this for free. So, I suggest renting a space, and setting up classes for me to teach people how to use their gadgets.

Also, I would include personal set-up, at home, for a price.
I would need to use part of the $25,000 for advertisement on local radio, television, and newspapers. Then I would use the remainder towards the building. Once the company was started, the cost would be relatively nothing, aside from utilities.

This would allow services to be offered at a very reasonable price, allowing all users of new gadgets to learn how to efficiently use them. This would be very beneficial not only to the surrounding communities, but also my family.

I am 25 years of age, and just need an opportunity in life. I have a passion for technology, and helping others. If you were to help me start my business, I would be able to do both things for a career. I graduate from college in the winter, and really need an opportunity like this for me and my wife.

Chuck, I hope you consider changing my life, my wife's life, and the surrounding community. This business would grow at a fast-pace, but would always be at a fair price. This would greatly benefit elderly, non-tech savvy people, and members of my community. Thank you for your consideration.

God Bless,

Randall Martin, Jr.